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Subject:FUCK I hate the human population
Time:04:36 am
Current Mood:pissed offpissed off
I really do. I've just been super pissed as of late for no REAL apparant reason but while in this mood I think of the things that piss me off or things that have happened that have pissed me off.

So, I'm going to vent one of the situations I've been thinking of.

A week or 2 ago, this regular customer came into work at night and returned her movies, one of these movies was Delovely, some movie about a dancing fag or some such, I really don't know much about it.

Well, she proceeds to tell me why she didn't like it "it's not very family friendly in it, there's lot of sex in it and well, the guy is gay, I swear, nothing but horribly disgusting stuff like that seems to come out now". I just stood there looking at her. I left her standing there and went into the office. I had my CSR on duty check her out. I seriously wanted to sock her in the fucking face. I wanted to break her fucking nose and kick in her teeth.

The funny thing is, USUALLY peoples opinions don't mean shit to me, I dont give a fuck if someone has a problem with me being a fag, I really don't, but for some reason, this last month or two, shit like this has just really been getting to me. WTF! Since when the fuck did I care about some nobody's opinion about homosexuality? or anything for that matter?

Overall this lady is quite nice, her only flaw is that she's closed minded as fuck, but other then that I get along with her quite well, but in that instant, that 5 seconds of her running her mouth, i wanted nothing more then to physically harm her, jump over the fucking counter and stomp her fucking face in.

Yes, I have some anger issues, and fuck you for thinking it ;).

I'm wondering if maybe I'm bi-polar? I'm kinda fucked in the head, more then I ever let onto regardless of how well people know me, they have no idea half the shit that runs through my head. Though I do think it's healthy to some extent, I think it might be an issue, but I hate shrinks and pyschologist and shit, they just bug the shit out of me and it always turns into "were you molested when you were younger?" "do you hate your mom?" WTF! NO and NO you stupid fuck! -PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH KICK STAB PUNCH BITE CHOMP-.

mm i feel better now, sorta.
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Time:03:54 am
Current Mood:pissed offForce Feeding Bleach mood
I just wanted to say thanks to the opening crew at my work.

Thank you for not doing a GOD DAMN FUCKING THING and having me and the half-retarded Manager do your work at about 5pm at night.

Thanks for giving me enough work to keep me there until 1:45 in the morning while you guys didn't do a god damn mother fucking thing.

OH WAIT, thats right, you alphabatized the Action section on VHS, though that only takes about 1 hour to do, thank you for dragging it out to 5.

You'll soon be welcome when I reem your mother fucking ass when I see you on Wed. and when the Store Manager goes off on you because I'll be going off on him on Tuesday for hiring so many lazy fucks who I get to pick up after AND for not promoting me yet.

Getting a bit burned out cleaning up after the shitty management that frequents the store.

Thank fucking god I have tomorrow off.
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Time:09:28 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Why is it so hard for people to remember things? Like...Important shit? I just don't get it.

One of my pet peeves about the whole internet "friends" stuff is on occasion I get msg's like "HAHA you moved to MN? what for???". I'm just like OKAY ASSHOLE, I've been out here for about 2 fuckin' years now and you KNOW I have a boyfriend...what the hell? How does shit like that slip peoples minds? Granted, the people who say it aren't close friends or anything, obviously, but still. AND in a lot of the time, it's by someone who I've talked to like 20 times within those past 2 years, seriously people, get with the fuckin' program, remember your shit.
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Time:02:06 am

Today I had to work with 3 fucking idiot. The "new" Assistant Manager who I give a little TOO much shit, he's actually a nice guy, I just hate the fact that he's the 2nd highest employee in our store and he's a moron. Then we had Danny and Amber. Danny just annoys the shit out of me and he talks to me like we're best friends, sorry kiddo, go bug someone else. Amber actually isn't bad, she's somewhat fun to work with, but she didn't have a till because she was the "director of the set" none of us knew wtf that meant so, she just put away movies all night.

Now I also worked with a Shift LEader I had never met, well, I found out why. She's a transfer from a smaller and slower store and tonight was her first night working at our store. Way to fucking go Mr. Store Manager, you make her first day our busiest day. So of course she didn't know wtf she was doing because we do shit TOTALLY differently at our store. Finally I told her not to fucking do it, make a note and then call Devon on Monday and bitch him out for not training her how we do shit at our store.

She's actually pretty cool and fun to work with. She's like..a Female version of Jason. Generally just doesn't give a shit and she's kind of a bitch so naturally I <3 her.

So I just got home about...10 minutes ago. Yeah, we were there until just before 2am which is fucking LAAAME, but I didn't have the fucking chance to get my shit done before close so I had to wait until Midnight.

Had a few asshole customers in tonight bitching about shit out of our control. Why can't people bitch about the shit we can fix? It's always stuff that none of us can do anything about it and then we get blamed for it.

WE have this one asian bitch who is just that, a bitch. She got pissed off becaue I wouldn't get rid of her late fee's that she even admitted were valid. Ok Ms. Asian Bitch, if you fucking admit that you fucked up, you're going to have to pay at least PART of the late fee, christ we're leniant as fuck and STILL people insist we do more for you.

If you fucking hate our store so much, go over to Blockbuster and deal with their Nazi ass, you'll come crawling back and sucking our cock when you relize how "nice" we are in comparison.

Seriously, bitches need to drink bleach with their cereal in the morning.
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Time:04:13 pm
Man..I am just fucking Angry today and I dont know why.

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Current Music:Michael Jackson + DjLizard - Smooth Criminal (remix)
Time:09:34 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I give you..

The Tea.. ChroniclesCollapse )
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Time:10:40 pm
Current Mood:pissed offpissed off
OKAY, now I'm just fucking pissed.

My fucking manager scheduled me to work 9-5 on fucking monday and I fucking know why to. He wants me to do HIS fucking job which is the fucking new release wall. Sorry faggot, I'm not doing your fucking job. I'm going to be calling him tomorrow telling him I can't work MOnday and starting October 25th, I can only work evenings. We'll see what he says about that.

If I don't get my fucking way I'm fucking leaving. I know I sound like a bitch when I say that, but I'm not putting up with this bullshit. I don't get paid enough to do his fucking job. I still haven't heard shit about a promotion, I still think I'm going to get screwed somehow. One of my favorite fucking co-workers put in his 2 weeks today which just pissed me off as well.

All the fucking cool people are leaving, the SM is hiring retards and I'm started to get dicked around and I've been there for a month. This is not how shit is supposed to go down. But this time, I'm not going to put up with it. I put up with similar shit like this @ blockbuster for 2 fucking years, I'm not going to start doing it @ Hollywood.

We'll see what happens after my chat with him tomorrow.

Fucking dick.
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Current Music:WindowLicker-Aphex Twin
Time:01:33 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
You know what I am fucking tired of? Shallow fucking people that I find on LJ. They will seem like a cool person. and then You try to talk to em and they are totally just dismissive. Oh and while im at it Fuck the Bear "community".
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Time:04:02 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
k, to follow suit with celandra and everything, just a little bit about my bitchy self.

23, faggot, coupled, prick, cunt, asshole, dick.

You can see my picture so, thats what I look like, obviously.


Smart people
Loud music


Stupid people
most of the people on LJ
People in general

If you want more info, just fuckin' ask.

Bitchfest hereCollapse )
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Current Music:william shatner - i can't get behind that
Subject:mod/god[dess] post - all you people
Time:12:48 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
yanno.. i finally realized recently that as owner/creator/all mighty empress of this community.. i know oh.. just a couple of you. so i thought to myself.. 'well shit bitch.. maybe you should find out who these people are'.. which obviously leads us to well.. here.

now i thought about putting up a little survey and saying 'fill this out' but that just reminded me of rated communities and how i hate those fucking things and want to stab everyone's eyes out that allow that kind of bullshit.. so instead.. i'm just going to ask you to introduce yourself.

and no. i don't mean like 'hi! my name is lyn and i'm a bitcholic'.

alright. i'll go first. lead by example right? hah!

anyways.. as you've probably grasped already.. my name is lyn. i'm twenty three. i live in durham, north carolina and i travel a lot. and yes. i mean _a lot_. i have more siblings than you can shake a fist at and i will gladly sell them to the highest bidder. please.. i implore you.. there's no time to waste. i haven't that much time left! everyone's got more time left than me!

people call me the ice queen. i like that name. it explains so much without actually explaining anything. i also adore william shatner. yes. william shatner. the kirk. his music is beyond amazingly entertaining. and whilst we're speaking of music. i <3 j-rock. in fact.. it's what i listen to most. gackt, malice mizer, dir en grey, l’arc-en-ciel, moi dix mox, etc etc. and under _no_ circumstance do i even consider shit like avril, britney, christina, jojo, ashlee, blah blah blah good music. hell.. i don't consider it music at all. give me a break.

i'm native-afrogermicanasian. yes. native-afrogermicanasian. i speak six languages fluently - english, german, japanese, spanish, swedish and kayohkhono.. and a few others half-ass fluently.. like french.. russian.. turkish. i'm working on them. slowly.. but it's better than nothing eh?

and yes. i say eh. i also say aboot.

hockey is without a doubt my all time favorite sport and i represent the toronto maple leafs and team sweden every chance i get. i mean.. what can i say? mats sundin is god on ice.

i also enjoy football.. though not as much as hockey. i'm a big new england patriots fan and refuse to part with my very old, very tattered drew bledsoe jersey. i also refuse to acknowledge him playing for a new york team. in fact, i hate all new york teams.. with the exception of the yankees. though i haven't watched baseball since the '95 strike.

i collect hats. i <3 hats. hats are good. i collect teapots too. well.. shards anyways. pity when that happens.

hm. is this long enough? probably so. if you have some questions hit me.

i expect ohhh.. results.

good job!
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