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[icon] mod/god[dess] post - all you people - get your bitch on
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Current Music:william shatner - i can't get behind that
Subject:mod/god[dess] post - all you people
Time:12:48 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
yanno.. i finally realized recently that as owner/creator/all mighty empress of this community.. i know oh.. just a couple of you. so i thought to myself.. 'well shit bitch.. maybe you should find out who these people are'.. which obviously leads us to well.. here.

now i thought about putting up a little survey and saying 'fill this out' but that just reminded me of rated communities and how i hate those fucking things and want to stab everyone's eyes out that allow that kind of bullshit.. so instead.. i'm just going to ask you to introduce yourself.

and no. i don't mean like 'hi! my name is lyn and i'm a bitcholic'.

alright. i'll go first. lead by example right? hah!

anyways.. as you've probably grasped already.. my name is lyn. i'm twenty three. i live in durham, north carolina and i travel a lot. and yes. i mean _a lot_. i have more siblings than you can shake a fist at and i will gladly sell them to the highest bidder. please.. i implore you.. there's no time to waste. i haven't that much time left! everyone's got more time left than me!

people call me the ice queen. i like that name. it explains so much without actually explaining anything. i also adore william shatner. yes. william shatner. the kirk. his music is beyond amazingly entertaining. and whilst we're speaking of music. i <3 j-rock. in fact.. it's what i listen to most. gackt, malice mizer, dir en grey, l’arc-en-ciel, moi dix mox, etc etc. and under _no_ circumstance do i even consider shit like avril, britney, christina, jojo, ashlee, blah blah blah good music. hell.. i don't consider it music at all. give me a break.

i'm native-afrogermicanasian. yes. native-afrogermicanasian. i speak six languages fluently - english, german, japanese, spanish, swedish and kayohkhono.. and a few others half-ass fluently.. like french.. russian.. turkish. i'm working on them. slowly.. but it's better than nothing eh?

and yes. i say eh. i also say aboot.

hockey is without a doubt my all time favorite sport and i represent the toronto maple leafs and team sweden every chance i get. i mean.. what can i say? mats sundin is god on ice.

i also enjoy football.. though not as much as hockey. i'm a big new england patriots fan and refuse to part with my very old, very tattered drew bledsoe jersey. i also refuse to acknowledge him playing for a new york team. in fact, i hate all new york teams.. with the exception of the yankees. though i haven't watched baseball since the '95 strike.

i collect hats. i <3 hats. hats are good. i collect teapots too. well.. shards anyways. pity when that happens.

hm. is this long enough? probably so. if you have some questions hit me.

i expect ohhh.. results.

good job!
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Time:2004-10-11 10:36 am (UTC)
that makes me a mod god! lol
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Time:2004-10-11 10:39 am (UTC)
it rhymes! that's why i did it! but then i realized.. sheena is not a man! so.. i had to add the [dess] part :x
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[icon] mod/god[dess] post - all you people - get your bitch on
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