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madbitches's Journal

get your bitch on
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Like to bitch? Mad crazy about doing so? Looking for a place where no rules apply? Look no further. Come and get your bitch on.

This community WILL be filtered. If you join this comminuty, you will have to be accepted in by the moderators before you have true access. If you do not get accepted, it can be for one or more of many reasons. Some of said reasons are as follows.

- We don't like you.
- We talk shit about you.
- We don't know you.
- We don't know you, find that okay, but don't trust you.
- We don't like you.
- You don't seem much of a bitch.
- You aren't even a BIT.
- You don't know what BIT means.
- We don't like you.

So if you are not accepted, cry somewhere else. And we are also bitches who take our time, so it could just be that we haven't gotten to your name yet. Be patient and be real.